Peter Scupelli, PhD



Information Hotspots

A theoretical concept to help designers understand how information displays support workplace coordination.


Socio-Ecological Design

An ongoing exploration regarding the role of design with societal issues such as obesity prevention.


Interaction Design

Two prototypes to support team work: project view instant messenger and ProcessBoard. 


New media installations that bridge physical and digital space.

Artifact Design

Railings for an interior and a lamp design for the Takeaway collection.



Basic Interaction Design

An introductory level interaction design class that covers controls, mobile applications, personalized web experience, and public interactive surfaces.

Communication Design Fundamentals

An introductory level communication design class that covers basic typography, posters, book design, and digital typography.

Teaching Philosophy

In design studio classes students learn by doing; instructors scaffold learning with appropriate design methods, design process, design strategy, and design theory.

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